Dinnerware Checklist For Entertaining

When you’re getting ready to host a fun night in with your friends, a dinner party, or entertain guests in some other way, you want to be sure you have everything you need! Creating a beautiful tablescape is just one of the many ways that you can elevate your entertaining experience at home, and it’s a time-honored tradition, too. Here is your checklist for items you need (and can get from Lazuro) for your next night of entertaining!


Of course, serving food of any kind requires plates! Whether you’re serving appetizers that your guests can graze on during conversation or activities or you’re serving a multi-course meal, Lazuro has you covered. Check out our large dinner plates for serving meals, or offer smaller plates for appetizers and desserts! Our plates come in sets of four so get at least two sets to be sure that you can serve everyone easily!


Bowls are the next item you’ll need in order to be sure tha your night of entertaining goes smoothly. Whether you’re serving soup, salad, pasta, or other bowl-appropriate meals, you’ll be glad that you have your choice of deep salad bowls, smaller serving bowls, or wider, more shallow pasta bowls.


End your night with friends and family with a delicious cup of coffee paired with your favorite dessert! Serving coffee or even tea made fresh while everyone winds down for the evening is the best way to cap off the night and send everyone home feeling happy and full, so make sure you have at least two sets of Lazuro mugs to serve with.

Serving Dishes

One of the most important parts of serving your guests is making sure that they have access to the food! With serving dishes, you can place dinner on the table for everyone to reach and share easily. Make sure you have serving dishes for your main courses, your sides, and of course, any appetizers, too!

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