Porcelain Dinnerware For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner or you are a seasoned hostess extraordinaire, you should consider what your dinnerware serveware says about you. Great food, a great table, and great company are the big priorities for this joyous holiday. But if this is your first time hosting, what are the standards? And if this is your multiple-time hosting, how can you elevate your guests’ experience?

At Lazuro, we pride ourselves on offering you the best porcelain plates and bowls sets to entertain your guests while creating a simple, elegant look. In today’s post, we will be going over the benefits of porcelain dinnerware as well as how to set your Thanksgiving dinner table. Keep reading to learn more and shop our dinnerware and serveware today!

Set of 6 Ramekins

What is Porcelain?

Porcelain or China is a type of fine-dining dinnerware typically made from fine-particle clay, comprised of feldspar, kaolin, and quartz, that is fired at a high temperature to give it a glossy finish while enhancing durability and creating a non-porous structure. This process also gives the dinnerware an upscale look to be used for formal dining settings and events such as a dinner party or during your Thanksgiving feast.

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Five Benefits of Porcelain

Porcelain plates and bowls sets are the prime choices for fine dining, and for good reason. Among giving you a variety of stylistic and aesthetic options for all your entertainment occasions, porcelain dinnerware provides these added benefits:

  • Durability — When investing in fine China, the last thing you want to worry about is it breaking. Porcelain is very durable when compared to clay or stoneware, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Microwave Friendly —Luckily for you, Lazuro makes reheating those Thanksgiving leftovers easy in our microwave-friendly porcelain plates and bowls set. But as a guideline, always check your porcelain dinnerware’s care instructions before using it in the microwave.
  • Low Maintenance — As a host, you want your dinnerware to be low maintenance. Lazuro’s porcelain dinnerware is dishwasher-safe and scratch-resistant. But keep in mind that not all porcelain plates or bowls can withstand harsh chemicals or a dishwasher. It is best to hand wash with a gentle cleaner to keep your porcelain looking its best!
  • Light Weight — When you are filling your Thanksgiving Day plate, you want dinnerware and serveware that is light enough for even the littlest of hands to carry.

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Set of 4 dinner plates

The Perfect Minimalist Thanksgiving Dinner Table

After purchasing your porcelain plates and bowls set, it is time to set the table! At Lazuro, we understand the beauty that comes with a minimalist set-up. You want your dinnerware to add to the experience and not overwhelm your guests. Here are a few tips to set the perfect Thanksgiving dinner table:

  • Choose a simple color palette — Utilize fall colors like oranges, browns, yellows, reds, and greens.
  • Play with textures — Dinnerware made with natural materials look great paired with a textured table runner!
  • Greenery is always a good idea — By using greenery you can freshen up and add a breath of fresh air to your guest’s dining experience.
  • Don’t forget a few special touches — Don’t feel like you cannot incorporate your style or personality into your table setting. Candles, centerpieces, and even hand-tied twine around the silverware are a great addition!

Porcelain Set of 4 Salad Bowls

Why Lazuro Is a Must for Your Thanksgiving Day Feast

At Lazuro, we believe that you shouldn’t have to change your whole design for one occasion, which is why our fine dining porcelain sets are designed exclusively for effortlessly complimenting your kitchen and holiday. Our products are all naturally designed with minimalism and functionality in mind so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your entertaining host roles— like music, food, and of course, conversing with your guests! Shop our collection of porcelain dinnerware today!

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