What Is the Difference Between Kitchenware and Cookware?

hether you are just adventuring into your culinary journey or you are looking to upgrade your current culinary skills with inspiration from new kitchen utensils and gadgets, there are some key terms you should know — kitchenware and cookware. While many of us have heard these two words used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. They are quite different and could construe your shopping experience. 

In today’s post from Lazuro, we will further expand your culinary knowledge so you can better understand the key differences between kitchenware and cookware so that you can shop for the best essential kitchen items and sets! 

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The Main Difference

The main difference between kitchenware and cookware is the particular items in a kitchen setting that they refer to. Kitchenware is known as kitchen utensils like kitchen knives and spatulas that help you prepare food. Plates, bowls, cutlery, and other dinnerware falls under the category of kitchenware as well. Cookware, on the other hand, is your pots, pans, and cooking dishes. Let’s dive deeper: 

frying pan

Types of Cookware 

Cookware is very instrumental in the cooking of your food and is typically made of aluminum, steel, or cast iron. The main types of cookware are pots and pans but they can be broken down even further into various types:

  • Stock pan
  • Skillet/fry pan
  • Cast iron skillets 
  • Sauté pan
  • Saucepan
  • Braiser pan
  • Wok

And yes — even pressure cookers and dutch ovens are considered cookware but don’t get these newer kitchen cookwares confused with kitchen appliances such as air fryers, crockpots, and other modern-day appliances. 


Types of Kitchenware 

Since kitchenware refers to the type of utensils and gadgets used in a kitchen, you can start to imagine the various possibilities! From durable cutting boards to mixing bowls and even cheese graters, there are a plethora of kitchen utensils that make food preparation easier. And that’s just how you can think of it — kitchenware is utensils for food cutting, preparing, cooking, preserving, filtering, drying, freezing, and even enjoying (like dinnerware!). 


Kitchen Must-Haves 

Every cooking enthusiast must have these must-haves to cook the best foods:


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How to Purchase the Right Kitchenware & Cookware?

At Lazuro, we believe that minimalism is your key to success in the kitchen. Do not get distracted by all the different types of kitchen tools and gadgets on the market. By following the above guide for kitchen must-haves, you can keep your workspace clean and flowing in the kitchen while you create some of the most delicious dishes.

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At Lazuro, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of kitchenware must-haves that go perfectly with universal household product lines combining and complimenting your kitchen and home aesthetics. We believe that nature is a thing that connects us all, from the air we breathe to the food we create. Driving our inspiration from the ocean, our products bring beauty, tranquility, and serenity to your culinary experience. Our products are all naturally designed with minimalism and functionality in mind to enhance your cooking experience without drawing unnecessary attention. We provide a minimum number of items to perform the maximum number of cooking and kitchen functions to give you the space you need to tap into your full cooking potential. Shop our collections including beautiful, functional kitchenware and cooking utensils, serveware and more! 

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