Wine for Everyday Celebrations

Angeline Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, 2020

On a cool autumn evening after a busy day at work, we want something special. We recommend taking this brand of wine with you. The aroma of cherry and ripe raspberry will transport you to the hot summer days. Flavour nuances are enriched with hints of toasted bread and spices. Such a bouquet will add cosiness to your evening.

The name of the wine is not accidental. Russian River is a river on the Pacific coast of the United States. The valley of this river is often shrouded in cool fog. The vineyards for this wine are planted on these coasts. What distinguishes Angeline Pinot Noir from other wines is its intense flavour and aroma. The wine is aged in oak barrels, which helps preserve the sweet notes of cherries and raspberries.

This grape variety likes cool climates and calcareous soils. It is very capricious and even a sudden change in weather can significantly impair the flavour of the wine. In order to achieve a saturated colour, winemakers have to do some tricks. They infuse the mash, age it in oak barrels, immerse the "cap" made of pulp and peel deep down, and pour the must from the bottom tap of the fermentation tank upwards. Connoisseurs from all over the world love this wine for its unique complex taste. It is suitable for any occasion.

Chateau Laulan Francs Cotes De Bordeaux

During the cold season, it's easier to create the mood with your own hands, just choose an evening to devote only to yourself. And take Chateau Laulan in the company. Light notes of ripe dark plum will plunge you into an atmosphere of romance and memories. Mineral tones dominate this wine.

Mineral tones are not added to this wine by accident. Such wines have an understated palette of flavours. The minerals in the wine evoke our childhood sensations, feelings, aromas and tastes. Do you remember how you smelled sea rocks as a child? The creators of the wines try to convey to you the opportunity to experience these feelings again.

The taste is well-balanced. In the beginning, you will feel the velvety flavour, which slowly changes to a rich taste of ripe dark berries. The berry acidity awakens the senses and activates bright pleasant emotions. It can be drunk without a snack. To enrich the taste, red meat, spicy poultry dishes, semi-hard or hard-aged cheeses, as well as meat salad and pizza would work well.

In 2020, the wine is presented for a second tasting. Its flavours were found to be unaltered, confirming the mark of sustainability and quality.



River Road Chardonnay Double Oaked

On languid autumn evenings, it is pleasant to travel mentally to exotic lands. To the vineyards of Napa, for example. There are special varieties of grapes growing there that produce fragrant River Road Chardonnay. Creamy butterscotch and pineapple participate in creating a rich flavour. The bouquet of flavours comes with a filling of oak.

River Road Chardonnay is characterized by fruity tones, with notes of citrus, and stone fruits such as apple, pear and peach in the bouquet. The wine has a more elegant character if it has been aged in barrels. Spicy, nutty tones, notes of vanilla, butter, cream and even toast appear in the profile. Fresh, light, dry wines are ideal for a hot day, so it is better if the wine is not aged in a barrel. More oily, dense and aged wines are best left for cooler evenings in late summer and into the fall.

The right serving temperature and pairing with the right food when the wine and food are in harmony and don't "overpower" each other helps reveal the character of the wine. In the case of the versatile summer chardonnay, it's not so complicated: white meat and fish, light snacks of seafood, vegetables and fresh young cheeses, pasta with chicken or fish without complicated sauces.



Dibourdieu Pure Sauvignon Blanc

If you are planning a party or spending the evening with a loved one, the best decoration for your table is Dibourdieu Pure. The main and memorable flavours of Sauvignon Blanc are gooseberry and black currant. It is these scents that are present in wines all the time, regardless of ageing or growing conditions. Its green notes blend well with herbs and spices. It goes well with spices, herbs, meat dishes and cheeses. Take note of some dishes that go well with this wine: asparagus pie with custard, cucumber salad with dill, salads with yoghurt, green hummus, white bean casserole with rice, and white lasagne. If sauvignon blanc is drunk with buttered roasted vegetables, its acidity will shine brightly in this combination.

In such a gastronomic company, your evening will be accompanied by warm emotions, and an atmosphere of friendship and love. The sensations after each sip immerse you in warm sunny days. The slightly acidic taste of the wine awakens the most delicate feelings. The wine is suitable for friendly company as well as for a romantic dinner. Also, this wine can be your full-fledged companion in the evening of loneliness, when you want to contemplate the magic of the night and the coolness of autumn.